About us

Marco Casali

Used in sailing since he was a kid, both with sail and motor yachts, graduated in architecture in Roma. Even if sketching yachts since he was a kid he moved to the yacht design world only after the degree connecting his knowledge with his biggest passion. After 6 years of experience working mostly on projects for the Ferretti Group established his own firm in 2004. There are more than 1500 yachts designed from him now cruising in every part of the world from 8 to 50 meters and other bigger projects are going to touch the water soon.

Too Design

Our firm is composed by a young group of more than 12 designers from different countries. It mixes various experiences from architects to interior designers and car designers connecting different creation approaches with the same creative passion. Our office is located in the country of Rome, in a 1500’ castle full of history and provided with the most technological equipments from our 3d printers to our helipad landing pad.